“THE GUITAR IS VISUALLY GORGEOUS. THE SPRUCE TOP IS EXTREMELY TIGHT GRAINED. THE EAST INDIAN ROSEWOOD which can sometimes be dull are some of the NICEST i have ever seen. The Bird’s eye maple binding (your suggestion) is a wonderful touch and brings the visual presentation all together. The sound quality and playability are wonderful. the neck is just right and the action is exactly where i wanted it. this guitar makes me sound better than i ACTUALLY am, a feat for which i am greatly appreciative. i cannot thank you enough for your guidance in advising me on what aspects of a cabaret would be best. you were able to translate my general thoughts on a guitar, as expressed in a few telephone calls, into the REALITY of the instrument i wanted. it must be very satisfying for you to be able to MAKE dreams come true. Richard

“I have a minute so i’m writing to give you an update. I love this guitar. i cannot believe how good it sounds or how easy it is to play. the action is “like butta” as they say. I am knocked out by this guitar. I have 7 guitars, out of those 7 there were TWO i would never consider selling. now there are 3 that i would never consider selling. THANKS for making a “KILLER” guitar” john

“i can say without question or hesitation it is the finest guitar i have ever played. i had no idea a GUITAR could be this alive. sometimes magic happens - something so far outside the realm of normal experience that its perception astonishes - and that’s what happened here. almost immediately i REALIZED i heard the notes completely differently on this guitar - like hearing the notes for the FIRST time as nature intended. your GUITAR allows for a level of musical intimacy i have never BEFORE experienced. i hear harmony differently. this guitar makes eral music - already some of the finest music i have ever made and i’m just getting started with it. not only is it tonally astonishing, but it is also a ferrari in my lap. in my experience responsiveness can drift over into sloppiness. there is an edge somewhere and this guitar somehow pushes back at that edge - i can feel it in the strings as i dig in. the ability for pure CREATIVE freedom of expression in a guitar is probably the holy grail of attributes, and now with our short-scale cabaret i am now improvising within performance pieces - for the first ever for PIECES i’ve been playing for years - for decades - and now after two days with your guitar i’ve begun, totally UNINTENTIONAL at first, improvising. it just started happening - bubbling up from my SUBCONSCIOUS through your guitar. astonishing. magic, whatever you choose to call it this is certainly the perfect guitar for me and will open PORTALS into musical worlds within which i had no prior hoe of adventuring. i’m thrilled!” andrew

“well received the guitar today, in excellent shape. it was very well packaged and would have survived an airline crash! thanks for the instrument. it is a real beauty, and it sounds even better thank it looks. very smooth to play, and the dimensions are great for me as i am a SHORT guy at 5’3”. i will start building great memories with it thanks to you!” thierry

“absolutely love the cabaret. tone and playability are amazing and it’s the most BEAUTIFUL guitar I'VE ever owned. that malaysian blackwood is spectacular. having a blast with it. thanks you for your craftsmanship. it is amazing.” judd