Here are some quotations from early adopters of the Chameleon speaker:

“The cabinet out-performs any hi-fi guitar cabinet I’ve ever heard.  It has much more low-end than you would expect out of an 8-inch speaker, without the “honky-ness” of a small speaker.

The voicing switch on the back is really amazing too.  In the “acoustic” mode you hear high-end detail normally associated with high priced, near-field monitors.”

Chris BoernerDirector of Guitar Sales, Sound Pure

“Having spent considerable time and money in pursuit of an accurate way of amplifying the true sound of a concert classical guitar, I can honestly say that John Buscarino has succeeded where all others have failed. In developing his revolutionary new Chameleon speaker, he applied the same painstakingly exacting standards that he uses when building his world-class guitars. And the results speak for themselves. They are simply extraordinary!

If you care about accurately reproducing the sound you work so hard as a player to produce, then you owe it to yourself (and your audience) to settle for nothing less than the new Buscarino Chameleon speaker.”

Ken Hatfield, Guitarist, Composer, Recording Artist

“So, I’ve been gigging with the Chameleon now for a few weeks. It’s perfect. My Cabaret sounds as natural as can be and my archtop is fat and full and just sounds perfect. No matter which instrument I’m using, I find myself adjusting the sound less than I ever did. I don’t have to fiddle with anything and I’m not preoccupied with making it sound different. It just sounds the way it’s supposed to.”

Nate Najar, Professional full time jazz musician and recording artist

“No more hauling different rigs to different gigs. Finally, I’ve found one cabinet that works for all of my guitars. Whether I’m playing a solo acoustic gig, a jazz date on my archtop, or a loud concert venue with my ‘strat and a full-on rhythm section, this speaker cabinet has never let me down but always left room to spare. Its clean headroom is phenomenal but it’s not just another wimpy boutique-snob-job, this little dude is loud and can take a beating. I feel just as comfortable using it on a rock gig with effects as I do in our jazz faculty concerts at U of L. It even handles the low register of my seven-string beautifully without ever breaking up or sounding muddy. It is quite simply the best cabinet I have ever heard or owned, and it is as versatile as I would ever need one to be. In fact, I liked it so much I bought a second one.

So, the sound man might look at you funny when you walk in with one, and your chiropractor might call wondering why you cancelled your appointment, but I’m sure they will understand once they hear the reason.”

Craig Wagner, Jazz Guitar Instructor at University of Louisville, Recording Artist, and Touring Musician