Genreal Specs:


WEIGHT: 26 lbs                                                                     WEIGHT: 32lbs

Dimensions: 12″ Wide, 11.25″ Deep, 15.5″ Tall            Dimensions: 13.25″ Wide, 12.5″ Deep, 17.5″ Tall

Woofer 250 Watts                                                              Woofer 300 Watts

Tweeter 190 (limiter set at 40)                                         Tweeter 190 (limiter set at 40)





The speaker is the heart of the Chameleon, so finding just the right one was imperative. I experimented with the speakers everyone else was using and found them woefully inadequate for my purposes. With more research it soon became clear that superior quality speakers are expensive, so most companies choose lower quality cheaper speakers to keep the cost down.

For me just good was not good enough. Only the best sounding speaker would do – regardless of what it cost. After making several different prototypes with dozens of different speakers I finally settled on a Woofer and Tweeter combo that gave me the clearest, cleanest, most natural sound.

For the Woofer I chose a B&C Neodymium Speaker specifically designed for small ported cabinets. It has a Cast Aluminum Frame with paper cones and surrounds.  For the Tweeter I chose the sweetest Beyma Compression Driver with a custom designed high dispersion horn. Add to this the seamless electronic crossover and you get a super wide yet flat frequency response. The result is an incredibly powerful full range flat response power speaker that is compact and light weight yet able to achieve loud DB Levels and works beautifully with multiple instruments.



The demands of the professional music business require absolute reliability. No gigging musician wants to carry more than what he or she absolutely needs to do the job, and if the only speaker you brought goes down – that’s it. Your performance is over. So, Chameleon HAD to be protected from over-power situations, from clipping, from short circuits – everything.

The Chameleons have Thermal Protections (power limiting – thermal shutdown), Short Circuit/overload/high frequency output protections, clip limiter and permanent signal limiter.


The Chameleons use The Powersoft Stereo 500 Watt Power Amp. The Built-in 24 bit DSP allows for a precision time aligned crossover. The Built-in E.Q. allows for design of 4 presets that I program. I have designed 4 General presets that cover the spectrum of the needs of the musician.  I can also tweak the programs to specifically fit your needs. The Amp runs on anything from 90 – 240 Volts making it compatible with most countries power outlets. It also means if you are plugged in with a bunch of musicians in one outlet and the power drops you won’t be affected.

PRESET 4:  This is the natural setting and the most useful for your basic needs. It is the pure un-EQ’d crossover designed to give maximum frequency range and a flat response. Useful for Acoustic Guitars, Jazz Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards, etc… May work best when speaker is off the ground or on a stand.

PRESET 3:  High Pass set at 80 hz. Useful to remove boominess when speaker is placed on the floor.

PRESET 2:  High Pass set at 100 hz, low pass set at 6,500 hz. Removes boominess with added high end rolloff… Works well with pedalboards and overdrive.

PRESET 1: Woofer Only… Full signal goes to the woofer and the horn is turned off. Useful as a slave powered speaker when coming from the preamp out or effects send of a tube amp or with pedal boards. Sounds good with overdrive.