Starlight Short Scale Hollow Body Electric Bass

When I first started to build guitars on my own in the 80's, first under the Nova Guitars name and then in the early 90's under Buscarino Guitars I not only built guitars but I built 4,5, and 6 String Electric Basses as well. As my career started to take off I left the electric guitars and basses in the past and moved on to Acoustic Archtops, Classicals and Flat Tops. Just recently I decided to go back to my roots a bit and come up with a new 4 String Bass Model that would appeal to guitar players. My Starlight Platform which are my Thin Body Semi Hollow Electric Archtop and Nylon String guitars was a natural place to start. I then decided to make it a shorter scale at 30" which would make it play more like a guitar and would be perfect for guitar players that also wanted to play bass. The Starlight Bass has a 14" Body Width, 2" Body Depth and is made from a one piece Honduras Mahogany Block that is completely hollowed out which helps keep the weight down and also gives it a bit more of the natural sound of an upright.  Because I am a Jazz Guitar Builder at heart I went with the Scroll F-Holes on the top and a mini wooden tailpiece which keeps in line with my Archtop Guitar Line. This was a super fun project to do and and super happy with the results.  To See more you can check out the Bass on the Available Now Page of this site.


new 25" scale cabaret model

Our Cabaret Model which is a Carved Back Classical is one of our most popular instruments but over the years I have had several requests to make it a shorter scale for ease of playing. If it were just as simple as shortening the fingerboard I would have done it years ago but it required a lot more thought to figure out how to shorten the scale without affecting the sound or other aspects of the instrument. With much research and trial and error I finally was able to sort it out. By shortening the scale to 25" I was able to bring the frets closer together which makes more complicated chord forms that require a longer finger stretch much easier and more comfortable to play. There is absolutely no loss in tone or volume and it makes The Cabaret more fun and effortless to play. Definitely a winner and something you should consider if you are in the market for a great Nylon String.