Starlight Short Scale Hollow Body Electric Bass

When I first started to build guitars on my own in the 80's, first under the Nova Guitars name and then in the early 90's under Buscarino Guitars I not only built guitars but I built 4,5, and 6 String Electric Basses as well. As my career started to take off I left the electric guitars and basses in the past and moved on to Acoustic Archtops, Classicals and Flat Tops. Just recently I decided to go back to my roots a bit and come up with a new 4 String Bass Model that would appeal to guitar players. My Starlight Platform which are my Thin Body Semi Hollow Electric Archtop and Nylon String guitars was a natural place to start. I then decided to make it a shorter scale at 30" which would make it play more like a guitar and would be perfect for guitar players that also wanted to play bass. The Starlight Bass has a 14" Body Width, 2" Body Depth and is made from a one piece Honduras Mahogany Block that is completely hollowed out which helps keep the weight down and also gives it a bit more of the natural sound of an upright.  Because I am a Jazz Guitar Builder at heart I went with the Scroll F-Holes on the top and a mini wooden tailpiece which keeps in line with my Archtop Guitar Line. This was a super fun project to do and and super happy with the results.  To See more you can check out the Bass on the Available Now Page of this site.